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Joseph's Virtual Photo Album

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Baby Joseph Isaac Marsh Pictures
Born 9/25/2001 5:12 P.M - 6 pounds, 7 ounces and 20 Inches long
(Hey - I scored a 9.9 on my APGAR, too!!!)\

My Photo Album

Proud Papa

Smilin Baby
Mommy & Baby

Just after arriving...

Our Little Angel!
Aren't I Precious!!!
A cute bundle of "Joey"
Hey - That's COOOOLD!!!
Look at my tiny footprints!
BIG Yawn after my bath...
Okay, so I look like an alien. I'm STILL CUTE!!!
Look at my sweet face!
You're Cute! Thanks for lookin' at my pictures!!!
What are YOU lookin' at???
"Guardian Bear"
My what big HANDS you have, daddy!
My First Car Ride Home from the Hospital
Daddy's Little Hoodlum
"Joe Hoodlum"
Joe Hoodlum & Bear
Hey - is that ME???
Yup. It is.
I know - I'm a HOTTIE!!!
Babooshka & Papoose
Happy Grandmas!
Me and my Gramma Jan
Me and my Gramma Pat
Me and my Grampa Dan
Me and my Grampa Gary
Grampa Gary Showing Me the Mariners Game. Go Mariners!